Down-to-Earth Street Food

Not a new concept, it's a way of life.

Today, when you hear the words "street food" you automatically think fad, trendy, hipster food. But that's not the case for billions of people around the world. It's essentially the way of life for them. It's how they make a living, feed themselves, socialize, and even contribute to their own local economy. Pull up to a street side vendor and there you'll likely find a grandfather sharing a bowl of pho with his grand kids, a CEO knocking back a bottle of beer over grilled squid with a janitor, or even a local teaching a tourist the right way to enjoy balut. It's for everyone. 

I believe there isn't a better way to experience a culture than through food, and the foundation of their culinary heritage is built on the backs of these street vendors. Street food was derived out of necessities, the recipes passed down through generations, offered to anyone willing to try it, and meant to be enjoyed by all. That is what Chow Yum stands for.